Web Application Development

.NET Core Diagram

Using Microsoft’s latest version of Visual Studio 2019, a very impressive integrated development environment rich in features, developers are able collaborate naturally through a Git-fist workflow, debug and edit in real time collaboratively using Live Share. 

This mean’s we’re able to develop software for many platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile Platforms such as Android and iOS all using the same technology.   

It’s rather complicated to explain dependency injection in simple English, so we’ll keep this rather simple.  Dependency Injection is a powerful feature that allows software to be loosely coupled which improves the ability for it be extended, thus making it more extensenable.  It can help with some kinds of testing and increase the ease in which we can swap out services without breaking everything that relies upon them.

MVC stands for Model, View, Controller.  The MVC design pattern has been around far longer than the technologies we use it in today.  This in itself speaks volumes when you consider the levels of change in out industry.  MVC separates the application concerns and simplifies things for the developers, this in turn leads to better more maintainable software, that’s easier to test and so on. 

Razer pages are another nice feature to simplify the creation of software, helping developers keep things tidy, improving productivity through simplifying the workflow of creating page based scenarios that make the web applications user interface easier to manage and build.

A software framework is an abstraction, you can think of it as another layer that provides functions and services.  Frameworks such as the .NET framework help because they are more productive for Developers, this is because they do not have to reinvent the wheel each day, they are able to call upon the common functions provided by the framework, such as graphics, disk IO (input/output), network transportation to provide just a few examples.   
Javascript frameworks are often preferred by developers, in that they would rather script using a framework, than deal with all of the complexities when writing pure JavaScript, note however that these JavaScript frameworks are written written in Javascript.

If all of the above sounds rather odd, perhaps akin to some alien language then do not panic! That’s exactly what we’re here for, to make sure we know this stuff so that you don’t have to.

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