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We have 20 years of professional software development experience across an array of different and very challenging projects, creating bespoke software solutions using some of the latest tools available from Microsoft.

Much has changed over the past 2 decades, in fact the only true constant in software technology is change. Some of this change is for the better, some not so much with many large scale software development projects falling far short.  It’s this experience that helps us to keep you ahead of the competition, with good quality scalable software that adapts to your business needs as you change and grow.  Whether you need an internet connected smart Desktop Application, a Mobile App, a Web Application, a WordPress website or a custom utility to help with those office chores, FutureDev has the skills and is ready to help your dreams come to life.

We will help you in anyway that we can, with a completely honest and transparent service from start to finish.  We are, at the moment a small family run business, and if your needs are beyond what we can realistically achieve, we will tell you so and explain why.  We’ll then try and help point you in the right direction.

Development Services

FutureDev provides a range of software development services, below is a short summary.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch via (Contact us), if you have any questions at all.

FutureDev has years of experience working with .NET across multiple projects and companies. Since the incarnation of .NET Core however, we’ve been so impressed with the performance compared to the standard .NET framework that we now use .NET Core (C#) almost exclusively.

Whether it’s a windows desktop app, a mobile app or a bespoke ASP.NET core MVC application (website), FutureDev has you covered.

For an overview of the Microsoft .NET and .NET Core frameworks, see the following articles:

Microsoft .NET Framework Overview

Microsoft .NET Core Framework Overview

ASP.NET Core MVC is a rich framework for building web apps and APIs using the Model-View-Controller design pattern.  The Model-View-Controller design pattern has been around for many years and assists greatly in abstracting away complexities through the separation of concerns, separating application logic into three main groups: the model, view and controller.

Model-View-Controller diagram

For an overview of Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core MVC please see the following article:

Microsoft ASP.NET Core MVC Overview

Web services provide a standard way to allow applications to communicate with each other even when placed in geographically different locations.  We use Web Services to provide our clients with bespoke service oriented architecture that bring application services to life across business networks and the internet.

Global Network

We have worked on many database projects, and have experience of the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (all versions)
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQLite
  • Access

Integration between your back office systems and your eCommerce or any other Point of Sale system can have major benefits for you and your customers, also saving you time and money over the long term.

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If you have any mundane office jobs that are manual, repetitive, time consuming, boring and so on then we may be able to help.  Often some simple application or utility can save hundreds of man hours over time, saving you and your staff form such chores, and saving money in the process. 

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