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Website Design & Software Development

So why FutureDev?  It’s because we have over 20 years of experience in website design & software development that you’re able to sit back and relax, we will keep you updated on a daily basis while we do the work.     Because we are totally and utterly dedicated to providing you with the best, the most reliable, honest and transparent service possible, we are totally focused on your goals and as a result we do not stop and until we achieve them together.    

Software Development
Bespoke software design and development using some of the latest technologies available from Microsoft.
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Web Application Development
Web Application design and development (one solution + multiple devices) = improved exposure & productivity.
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Passionate about all things software, it really is an amazing privilege to see software that you have created become successful, earning the business money, be it through licensing, helping the business save costs, improving services offered by the business or simply improving people’s everyday lives whether it’s through their role at work, or through services received at home as a result.

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What are Web Applications?

Web applications are different to desktop applications, with desktop applications you usually download an installer or purchase a CD or DVD etc, then you need to install the software on the local machine.  Whereas Web Applications reside on a remote server and users normally interact with the applications via a thin top layer, known as the UI (user interface) or front end.  This UI is usually presented to the user in the form of a web page (or pages), which connect with other software services to provide business logic and so on. 

Web applications have a major advantage over desktop applications when dealing with issues such as deployment, as the UI is served to the user, the user will see any improvements made, once the server has been updated, whereas with a Desktop Application, all the machines with the software installed would all need to be updated.

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Experienced in all aspects of Web Design and Development, we offer a range of related products and services, from bespoke professional websites to buy or rent to full bespoke enterprise solutions.

For more affordable Web Design and Development we offer websites powered by WordPress.

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We have over two decades of experience working with databases, from SQL Server to MYSQL and many more.

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Mobile Apps can help you gain exposure that otherwise may be missed.  When combined with the correct website and/or web-services they can help transform your business for both staff and customers alike.

Our prices are competitive and we can deliver results fast.  For a free no obligation quote get in touch today.

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