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Full SEO Audit

This is full on gold dust, out of this you'll get multiple reports all of which will track from creation of the first report so you'll be able to monitor everything for here on in.

Full site audit

Google expects those at the top to be the best and so that includes the general health and welbeing of your entire website. We'll get this where it needs to be.

new content

We'll create new content where required with specific keyword targeting.

Increase ROI

There's great potential for increased revenue from SEO, which is why it is such an important part for anyone serious about growth. It does take time and a lot of effort, we recommend a minimum of 6 months, but preferably 12 months plus to really start to see the benefits.

Can you afford not to?

If every year (for example) you spend 10K but got £100K back 12 months or so later would you do it? Many companies achieve this and much more. Many larger companies spend big on SEO because of the massive rewards on offer. However if you're small there's still a way to be successful, by aiming for more of the less competitive keywords.

What is SEO?

Anyone who owns a website should know the answer to this question.  Well, what is SEO?  It stands for Search Engine Optimization, does that help?  Well maybe just a little, but what does it really mean and what do we do for you to achieve it?  Keep reading if you want to find out… 
“Anyone serious about generating traffic to their website and finding potential new leads should seriously consider SEO” 
The following sections will demonstrate why the above statement is so important and why organic traffic can be so valuable. 
SEO is just one part of the solution of really optimizing your website for maximum income potential.  To maximize opportunities, it’s normally always best to layer many marketing approaches on top of each other, such as SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, Social Media campaigns and so on as well as to improve every aspect of your website where possible. 


The basics of SEO 

 To reiterate SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or in other words the art of getting search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to notice you.  In fact, the ultimate goal really is to rank in position 1 on Google (and possibly others) due to the following: 
Google has the largest market share by a very wide margin, at the time of writing the Google search engine controls over 92% of all searches, followed by Bing at around 6.7% and then everyone else! 
So what do we need to do to get you to rank higher?  The simple answer is an awful lot!  There are usually so many reasons why someone is listed in top spot, because the ultimate goal for Google is to provide its client (the person searching) with the best experience possible, or as it sees it to return the most relevant site, page or piece of content when considering the search terms used by its client. 


So how do you know what Google likes? 

 Over the past two decades or so, whole industries have been born trying to answer this question.  Some things we know because Google tells us, many things though have to be discovered through trial and error over the years, because no one, absolutely nobody outside of Google knows exactly how they rank every piece of content.    


Why Organic is great?

 Organic traffic tends to convert much better than other traffic such as paid ads for example as the traffic is warmer, or in other words the user has intent and you’re fore-filling their requirements by matching the search terms with very applicable content.
“WARNING – It can all change overnight when search engines change their algorithms” 
Experience has shown that these are moving goal posts, with search engines constantly evolving in how they rank, which further increases the need to invest in SEO on a continued basis.   
When you dive in deeper, especially with but not limited to subjects such as eCommerce it is very easy to see why companies do it, because when successful it can change a company’s income in ways simply not imagined previously.
Remember this, top spot on google or position ranked number 1 gets on average around 40% of all clicks for any given search term. So if there’s 100K traffic per month for a given phrase. those ranked in top spot will expect 40K in visitors from just that one term!


What will we will do for you? 

 Absolutely everything will be completely transparent and 100% traceable by our clients. 
To enable us to collect all the data we need we’ll need to ensure that items 1, 2 and 3 below in red are all setup correctly and verified as fully working/tracking and so on before going any further. 
  1. Setup on required services (Google Search Console., Google Analytics etc)
  2. Installation of RankMath Business edition (WordPress Only)
  3. Full Site audit – Issues here can affect ranking, we’ll sort it . 
  4. Full SEO audit – What do you rank for right now and much more.
  5. Competitor Analysis.
  6. Plan of attack – Keyword Strategy
  7. Implement/revise/repeat – This is very much an iterative process, explained in more detail below.


Google Search Console

 Search console is a free tool from Google that allows your site be monitored is several ways, including your Google Search performance.  This allows  us to track several points of interest such as what you are ranking for now, from position through to the number of times you were in the search results vs the number of times you were clicked and so on.  We can tell how your site has performed over time, allowing deep tracking of click through rates and any search enhancements  that you qualify for.  Search enhancements are factors that can help and include things such as whether or not your site is mobile friendly, or if you qualify for rich search results (another feature that can increase conversions).


Track everything with Google Analytics (GA)

We absolutely need to track everything, from which referral channel had the highest conversion rate through to the demographics of users to the geographical information and a whole lot more.  GA will read information from Search Console and allows us to track just about every imaginable statistic possible when it comes to the performance of your website and where the traffic comes from.


Full site audit

 Before embarking on our SEO journey together we’ll want to make sure your site is hitting a score of 90% plus using our professional site audit.  Problems in this area will hurt ranking and so we want to start on the correct foundations.  This will be monitored throughout our SEO journey together, with monthly or weekly reports available.
Please note that depending on what we find here, work to fix any nightmares if serious and time consuming may need to be covered by a separate quote.  Don’t worry this often isn’t the case because if we can fix any issues without spending too much time on them, we’ll do it included in the SEO budget.


Full SEO audit

This is where we get down to some really important SEO bits, from analysing what content ranks  & where currently, to the number of times keywords appear in your content (keyword density).
There are multiple reports involved, all of which track historical data and will be generated for you throughout your SEO journey with FutureDev.  The following contains just a summary of main reports:
  1. Keyword Research Report – Initially containing what you rank for currently, evolving in to an ideal list of what we want to track.  
  2. Back link Summary Report –  Summary report details how many sites link to yours, the location and quality of those links.  Back Links are an important part of SEO and effect your domain authority which affects ranking.
  3. Domain Strength Report – Details of your current domain score,  once tracking via your GA stats it’ll start showing the number of sessions  coming from these links.
  4. Keyword Rankings & Visibility Report. – This shows the percent of optimization for each search engine being tracked as well a keyword moment (up or down) for each phrase being tracked.
  5. Competition Rankings Report. – Show how you are ranking vs your competitors.
  6. Organic Website Traffic. – A break down of traffic coming from each term or phrase being tracked.
  7. Rank History Report. Tracks the ranking history for each term or phrase being tracked, another fantastically useful report.


Competitor Analysis

We will perform research on your domain competitors, these may well be competitors of your business in real life but not necessarily .  Online competitor research will often throw up what look like strange findings, as in they don’t appear to be direct business competitors but don’t worry this is perfectly normal.  Online (or domain) competitor research will include those where you perhaps target the same keywords, or contain similar subject matter. 
A good example of  finding an online competitor that maybe ranks higher than you for a keyword phrase is someone like Wikipedia.  Often we find ourselves competing against more than just direct business competitors in real life.  Our research will include these types of domain competitor too, where appropriate.


Spying on the competition

One tactic employed a lot during SEO is for example find who is ranking in number 1 spot for any given key phrase, then researching their site.  It stands to reason that , as they are in top spot they are there for a reason, in fact they will usually be there for multiple reasons.  To cut a long story short at this point, we’ll need to do what those in number 1 spot are doing and then some to beat them.
We use lots of tools at our disposal to spy on the competition, one good example of this is that we’re able to find out what keywords or phrases that a site is ranking for that you are not currently.  Maybe we want to know what keywords you have in common too?  This is all possible and will form part of our analysis.
Competitor analysis is a major part of our SEO strategy, it allows a sneak preview into the internet traffic involved and will shape what’s needed for you.


Plan of attack

Once all the research has been done, we can choose what to target and why based upon the data.  At this point we’ll then drill down the keyword list to the point that we’re only tracking that what we’re really interested in, because at this point we’ll know how many searches are performed each month for any given phrase.  We’ll also know what traffic you’re getting from your current rankings and so this will all be included and monitored for the duration.


Keyword Strategy

 The reports will show how much traffic you can expect from the list of keywords, if you’re ranking in position number 1 (that can sometimes be a big if).  Position number 1 on Google is place to be for any given phrase, as mentioned top spot will guarantee on average around 40% of all clicks for any given keyword or phrase, you don’t have to be a genius to know that if there’s say 10,000 searches each month, top spot will expect to see around 4000 visits from that term for this period, awesome.

Implement, Revise & Repeat

 Once all the initial analysis has been done and we’re both armed about the plan of attack we’ll start first with the basic on page SEO and meta information.   Assuming your site is using WordPress, we’ll be using RankMath heavily for this stage.  RankMath is a fantastic tool for both pros and their clients alike, because its simple for us to use, simple for you to understand and helps with us with providing you with complete and utter transparency.

Choose your perfect plan

These are exclusive plans, it means that our small business will be working for you exclusively during these time frames.







Frequently asked questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or in other words the art of getting search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to notice you.  In fact, the ultimate goal really is to rank in position 1 on Google (and possibly others).

You’ll see above that we have three basic plans and that’s it, simple and easy to understand.  

No, its a 1 month rolling contract, all payments are required 1 month in advance, so in April you’d pay for May and so on.  Only 30 days notice required to cancel.

Important note: SEO takes time and so we recommend a minimum of 6 months but preferably a year.  SEO is on going and the most successful will work for top spot continuously.  

The short answer is no, there really are no absolute guarantees in SEO.  However we’ll work hard for you, we want to make sure you keep coming back.  If it more than pays for itself then surely it’s a no brainier, if profits are up then lets do more of it!

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