Finding Your Perfect Client: Hitting the Right Target


Finding your perfect client can be a difficult transition because so many owners are unsure about how to pinpoint the right person, they end up running around in circles.

Businesses whose offerings appeal to everyone are often unsuccessful. To be successful, a business should have targeted their audience appropriately with specific products or services.

Successful client targeting is the key to achieving online success. No landing page is complete without detailed analysis first to ensure everything about it targets the correct avatar. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects that need to be considered.

Who is your client avatar? 

Where is your avatar?

Where does your avatar work or do they own their own business?

Where does your avatar hangout online?

Do you know what they look like? 

How old are they?

Where do they live?

What kind of lifestyle do they lead and how much money do they make each year? 

What hobbies and interested do they have?

Do you know where to find them on the internet or in the real world, so that when you’re ready to launch your products or services, it’s easy for them to find you?

You have to ask yourself what kind of client do I want?

Would this client want my product or service?

Can I reach them easily?

Can I provide a high-quality to them?

How can I add value to each one of them?

The client’s location is one of the most important factors, as it largely determines what kind of products and services you offer.

There are some great articles out there and so rather than reinventing the wheel I’m going to share two nice articles that illustrate these points very nicely.

The areas of interest can be broken down in to five main groups:

  1. Goals and Values
  2. Sources of Information
  3. Demographic Information
  4. Challenges and Pain Points
  5. Objections and Roles

Goals and Values

Finding your client avatar’s goals and values is the key to achieving online success. When you know what those are, it becomes a lot easier to come up with specific products or services that will appeal to them. It also helps in knowing how much time they’re willing to devote and if there any other obstacles in their way of buying from you (such as cost). Once you have an understanding of these things, marketing for them should be more successful because everything about it targets the correct person.

If you know that your client avatar values honesty over anything else, then you would be wise not to overstate your credentials or exaggerate any features of your product or service. It’s also crucial that if your client doesn’t believe in paying for something upfront, then cost is going to be a serious consideration when looking at products

Sources of information

Knowledge of the “where” of your customer avatar is crucial.

Where do they hang out (both online and in person)? What materials do they read? What gurus do they follow?

The avatar will have strong sense of what’s important to them.

Demographic Information

Learn as much as you can about your client’s demographics.

Demographics are the characteristics that describe a population, such as age, gender, income, and so on.

Demographics are typically classified into two types:

– social demographics, which includes economic status or personal life style patterns; and

– geographical demographics, which includes geographic location and migration.

Challenges and Pain Points

Next, think about the problems, challenges, and pain points in your customer avatar’s life. The articles below have some real nice and easy to understand examples.

Objections and Roles

Finally, think about the reasons why your customers might not want to buy your product or service. These are called “objections” and they should be addressed in your marketing materials.

Build Multiple Avatars

Building a single avatar isn’t enough to provide the perfect customer service.

There should be at least one profile for every segment that your business caters to in order to ensure you are focusing on what each person wants and needs.

Two articles for you below of what I think may be helpful in this journey forwards.

Article 1:

Article 2:


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