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Why you need to buy a good business website, now!

If you already own a business but haven’t bought yourself a website yet then what are you waiting for?

You’re missing massive potential, I cannot stress this to you nearly enough. 

Since Covid made an appearance,  buying a website has never been so important.

Business online has exploded massively since Covid hit for obvious reasons. 

People are either not allowed out, or are too scared to stick to old shopping habits as they did for years previously.

Habits are changing more so now than ever before, with many whom had never shopped online previously, now doing so almost exclusively due to Covid.

39% of all websites are WordPress, so if you're going to buy a website it's a really good choice.

Buying a website could just be the most important decision you ever make and we’re not joking. 

Depending on your vision, buying a website or Web App could be worth more than the cost of the house you live in.

if you buy a website the right way it may be the start of success beyond anything you’ve seen before.

You have to have a vision, or at least have someone to help you find that vision.

To realise your vision you need to act and the sooner the actions get started the closer you will be.

6 Tips for success

Don't worry we can help with them all!

Know your customer

We cannot stress this one enough, you need to know your ideal customer better than your partner!  Where they hangout, what their interests are the works.  We’re talking anything and everything about them.

Organic is good

No we are not talking carrots, but we do love them.  We’re talking about the fact that organic traffic to you site is yours, you own it.  Get this correct and it can be life changing for you and your business.

Do not cut corners

We don’t mean that you shouldn’t expect a big bang for your buck, but do not be fooled by those who make courageous claims all for £99.  If you want to make it to the top we’re going to have to work for it, together.  

Layer your marketing

If we had to choose one form of advertising over all the others, we would choose organic everytime.  But do not be fooled, if you’re not layering your marking by using all the options available to you then you and your customers are losing out.   

See the value

With investments such as these it can take time to see that money come back, but know this…  If you don’t make good investments in good technology and do so with good people you’re not seeing the bigger picture.  Many don’t because they simply can’t see or understand what they don’t know.

Do not stop

Never ever give up because you didn’t fail, you learned something.  How many times did the stars that we see in the movies, or the billionaire businessman constantly on the news feel like they had never made a mistake or learnt many a lesson getting where they are today?  Never ever give up! 

Why is WordPress is a good choice when buying a website?

For most small to medium size businesses a Content Management System such as WordPress is an ideal solution, it’s no coincidence that WordPress now powers 39.9% of all websites!

If you power 39.9% of all websites you must have got something right.  

The very open source nature of WordPress, in that WordPress is totally free, it’s free to distribute, free to download and use, free to modify etc played a large part in this.

According to W3Tech (link below), WordPress now has a massive 64.2% share of the CMS market at time of writing, with it’s nearest rival (Shopify) on a mere 5.3% of the market share.

See the stats here at W3Tech:

WordPress is available in over 100 different languages!

WordPress 5.3 alone has been downloaded over 7 millions times.

Unless your require completely bespoke solution built from the ground up, then WordPress is probably a good choice.

If you’re requirements are completely bespoke, with total flexibility and scalability for the future then we’d recommend looking at our Web Application Development page.

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